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The Big Day


Today is the big day! Well not the big day (that’s still awhile away) but it is moving day! As I type this from work, Jacob and the fam are loading up the Uhaul in this lovely 98 degree weather and heading over to our new house. We’ve been staying there for two weeks on an air mattress and I can’t wait to get everything else all moved in.

Also (more on this later as she deserves her very own post) I have managed to squeeze in a few projects with my newest friend Natalie. That’s right, my very first sewing machine ladies & gentleman! Her name is Natalie (yes, that’s the name of the machine model) and we are fast becoming great friends.

I leave you with this video that my google reader introduced me to this morning. This NYC couple made this themselves to show at their wedding– fantastic!

Kathy and Rob’s License to Wed from Bobcat Productions on Vimeo.

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