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Just another Manic Monday


hello all!
hope everyone had a great weekend. Since I’ve last posted, we’ve celebrated Fourth of July at Greers Ferry Lake with the Leonards and had our first house guests at the new casa.

This past weekend, Jacob and I had friends staying with us and we had a bunch of people over to watch the UFC 100 paperview. Now, I’m not usually the kind of gal that gets into mixed martial arts, but UFC fights are strangely compelling to me. Anyway, all four of the main fights were awesome and we had a really great time. We have officially been in our new house for two weeks now and we really love it. I’ve finished several sewing projects with my new machine and we finally got almost everything unpacked.

On Thursday we are leaving for our annual trip to Branson, Missouri with the Leonard clan and I am so excited. The cheesier Branson gets and the older I am, the more I love that place.In other news, Jacob has his own blog now. I helped him design the layout and you should go read it! Just click on the picture below to check it out. He’s so funny, that fiance of mine…

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  • MamaBear505 July 14, 2009, 4:22 am

    You two look so happy together :)

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  • TechnoAngie July 14, 2009, 4:22 am

    You two look so happy together :)

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