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Things are looking up


Hello friends. I hope that everyone is enjoying this time of year–the start of school- as much as I am (minus the thousands of clueless freshman that take over this town every August). This fall is different for me because it is the first time since I was six years old that I did not go back to school. Call me a dork, but I love school so this makes me kind of sad. I love going to new classes & I especially love buying new school supplies. I haven’t really had time to get nostalgic about my lack of classes, however, because I have had a very exciting development since my last post: I will be starting a new job (as in salary and benefits, 8 to 5 kind of job!) on Monday! I really hate leaving the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau and Ye Olde King Pizza, but I’m really excited about my first ‘real’ job. I will be a National Accounts Service Representative for Blue Cross & Blue Shield’s third party administrative company, Blue Advantage (that sounds more confusing than it is…hopefully). I will actually be working in a WalMart corporate office helping their claims administrators with customer service issues. I will be training in Little Rock for two weeks starting Monday.

In other uplifting news, not only did I find my camera that I ‘lost’ when we went to Branson, but fall is almost here which means it’s almost time for Razorback football!!! Jacob and I got season tickets this year. It will be weird not to sit in the student section, but at least now we’ll have plenty of time to tailgate :)
*I will be in a hotel by myself for the next two weeks, so I promise to update you all on how the new job is going

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