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Holiday happiness.

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Aaaaah! I can’t believe that’s it’s already almost Thanksgiving. My favorite season is quickly passing by. The upside to the fact that fall is almost over is that Christmas will be here before we know it. Fortunately, Jacob shares my affinity for Christmas. We’ve already made a list of about 25 Christmas movies that we’re going to watch this year and while I’m very against celebrating Christmas too early, we’ve decided to start the movie countdown the week of Thanksgiving to ensure that we make it through the entire list before the xmas rolls around.
Before I start posting my holiday decorations, I thought I would do a quick recap of Halloween. Instead of carving pumpkins this year, I painted two of them. I had planned to carve one as well, but Jacob can be such an old man, and he is so paranoid of ‘hooligans’ smashing our pumpkins :) so painting it was.

In our living room, I decorated our sofa table with a runner made from an old halloween costume.

Here’s the cape transformed (note to self, glittery web polyester themed Halloween fabric is IMPOSSIBLE to sew in straight lines). I filled one of the many pickle jars that I’m collecting for the wedding with some fake spider web leftover from decorating the outside of the house and an orange candle. I also spray painted some old frames black and printed off the BOO letters for each.

For the front door I made a wreath by covering a green floral foam circle with black tulle and rubber eyeballs. I had already painted the BOO letters a few years ago so I just hung them from the wreath. (note:please ignore my terribly framed reflection in the front door)

I love Halloween obviously, but Christmas has my heart. Stay tuned for many Christmas decorations and gift ideas. Apparently, I’m turning into a forty-five year old housewife. Martha Stewart better watch her ass.

In case you were wondering, yes, I’m still working on the T-shirt quilt.

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