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My Week in Pictures

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1. Monday: Tulips on the Downtown Square, right outside of my office.
2. Tuesday: University Panel at the Hospitality Summit we hosted this week
3: Wednesday: Nomkhubulwane arrived Wednesday morning. Made out of recycled tires, she’ll be displayed in front of the Town Center until May 18.
4. Thursday: streetside artwalk during First Thursday Fayetteville
5. Friday: My egg toss partner Emily during our office Easter Games
6. Saturday:The U of A baseball team beat Kentucky 10-1. We both got pretty bad sunburns, but it was a beautiful afternoon.
7. Sunday: Just got finished painting mini versions of us that will make a special appearance at the reception

I’m having a pretty quiet Easter so far. Jacob left early this morning to go to Little Rock for today and tomorrow, so I’m spending the day mowing the lawn, doing laundry, finishing random wedding crafts, and printing invitations.

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  • emily April 5, 2010, 3:38 pm

    oh how I love your mini versions!!! you are so talented, jessi!

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