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The Invitations


*Just a quick teaser post for now. I’ll post more pictures and details once everyone has received theirs.

The wedding invitations are finally in the mail. Like all DIY projects they didn’t turn out as grand as I had envisioned and were a HUGE pain in the ass, but were totally worth it in the end. The suite has three pieces and I individually printed, stuffed and loved all over each insert. I wanted to get them out a few weeks ago, but realized this morning that there are almost 7 weeks until the wedding, so I actually fall right in the middle of the recommended 6 to 8 week send-out timeline so that makes me feel a little better. I have my bridal portraits this Sunday and as of this moment my dress is at the seamstress’ house, my necklace is just a pile of pearls that need to be restrung, and the netting for my veil is refusing to cooperate with a needle and thread, so we’ll see how the pictures go ;)

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