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Our Wedding: the weeks before

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Hello my darlings. Sorry for the absence, newlywed life has been pretty busy AND I’m really excited to be working on a new project that I’m almost ready to reveal. That’s right, I’m finally making the leap to WordPress (any php advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m totally out of my element).
Anyway, there’s plenty of time to talk about that later. Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Now try not to get too excited, I’m only talking about wedding recaps.
*Let me just preface the next several posts by saying that while this blog is, hopefully, a way to share what’s going on in our lives with all of our wonderful friends and family, it’s also a place for me to record and document things I want to remember. Having said that, our wedding and honeymoon was obviously a big deal so I’m going to be talking about it. A LOT. This is your cue to exit now if you have no interest in hearing every detail I remember from the best day of my life.
Now, let’s get down to business. To say the weeks and especially the day before the wedding were stressful would be an understatement. I don’t think I got more than 5 hours of sleep a night the entire two weeks leading up to the wedding. I spent 18 months planning every detail and project of our wedding and still found myself with a gigantic to-do list left with days to go. Despite all of this, somehow I (and my team of wonderful wedding weekend volunteers) managed to pull it all off.
A few things that kept me semi-sane throughout the last dark days of wedding planning:
  • Thank the Google gods for Google Docs. I had the entire weekend broken down in to 15 minute intervals in a Google spreadsheet that I was able to send to vendors and anyone willing to accept my emails :)
  • A week or so before the wedding, I did mock-ups of all the table arrangements. I made a detailed, numbered chart and put each table’s centerpiece in correspondingly numbered boxes along with a picture of how the box’s contents were supposed to be arranged taped to the outside of box.

Yes, I’m the girl who had a photoshoot with the ‘dress rehearsal’ arrangements of her wedding reception centerpieces.

Just some of the boxed up table centerpieces

This made a huge difference in how smoothly everything went the morning of the wedding.
And lastly,

  • Letting the little things go. I didn’t have to drop many projects, but there were several small ones that got cut last minute and I don’t regret it one bit. Baking 100 razorback shaped sugar cookies with ‘Welcome’ piped on them in red for the welcome bags? How about buying a tray of cookies from a bakery instead. Drilling holes in 150 popsicle stick and golf pencils for the programs and attaching them with ribbon? How about setting the pencils out next to the programs with a note that says ‘take one of each.’
I’m still waiting to get our professional pictures, but in the meantime I’ll be back soon (no really, I promise!) to talk about the day before the Big Day.

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  • Mrs. Alex Clark June 30, 2010, 5:32 pm

    Jessimakesthings…..I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! The 'coming soon' display is so insanely cute, I can't imagine what the actual site is going to look like. Jessi, youre a genious.

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