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Our Wedding: Getting Ready


*from here on out in the wedding recaps, unless noted all pictures are from
our wonderful photographers Jon & Emily Beaty After lunch, the girls and I went to get our hair done at Black Sheep Salon.

Kendra took the pins out of my hair, combed the gel out, and worked her magic.

Ah, the multitasking bride: blackberry, (not quite finished) vows, and champagne cup in hand.

After my hair was finished, Tamara and I made our way to Mayapple Salon to get our faces painted.
My makeup artist didn’t have waterproof mascara so I definitely ran to Walgreens in my sundress and 1940’s hairstyle, birdcage veil, and no makeup. Got a few strange looks in that checkout line.

I made my hair flower with material from my dress, feathers, vintage pearls, and lace from Jacob’s mom’s wedding dress. I made the birdcage veil by standing in front of a mirror and pinning a yard of netting to a comb, sewing the layers, and repeating. Like 1000 times.

The plan had been for everyone to meet back at the Garden Room at 4. We were all supposed to get dressed there, take a few portraits and leave for the chapel around 4:45. Up until this point we had miraculously been running ahead of schedule all day, but alas, all good things must come to end. I made it to the Garden Room on time but one of my fake eyelashes started to come unglued so I had to run back to the salon to get it fixed.


I hurried back to get ready and finally put on "the dress.*"

Melissa helping me put on my necklaces, which were my Great-Grandmother’s pearl charm and Grandmother’s pearls that I restrung and added various shades of pearls to.

This is me realizing that I’m a bride. That it was all about to really happen.

Looking back, one of the only things I wish I could change about our wedding day was how rushed the ‘getting ready’ hour was. But I guess that’s what you get when you plan your entire wedding weekend out in 15 minute increments :) ‘Get eyelashes re-glued’ and ‘sit in traffic’ don’t fit well in excel spreadsheet cells. Nonetheless, once everyone was dressed, we hurriedly took a few portraits and then made our way to St. Catherine’s.

Next up: our ‘First Look’ and Jessi and Jacob finally get hitched!

*actually my second wedding dress that I received just two days before the wedding, but that’s another story.

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