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Our Wedding: The Rehearsal

Jacob and both sets of parents got here Thursday night so we all stayed up pretty late catching up. Nonetheless, I woke up Friday morning ready to get things accomplished. My mom and I delivered the Welcome Bags to hotels (more on what was in those later) then met Jacob’s parents to buy alcohol for the Welcome Dinner that night. All four of us then headed up to Simple Pleasures to set up for the Welcome Dinner. After that my mom and I met my sister for lunch and I had to head in to work for a few minutes.
Yes, I went to work a few hours before the wedding rehearsal. I got a text around noon about a web page that needed updating so I ran over to the office for about an hour. Probably not the smartest time management move, but that’s what happened.
Next I headed to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi. It was supposed to be relaxing, but I. Was. Stressed. All I could think about was the 50 other things I could have been doing instead of sitting in a massage chair while someone painted my toes. After I left the salon I had about an hour to get ready for the rehearsal, wrap all of the bridal party gifts and update my ipod with the playlist for the Welcome Dinner. Luckily, my sister came over to help (as my nails were still wet). Again, stressful.
Somehow, we made it to the rehearsal on time although the rest of the bridal party was running a little behind. My Type-A personality did not handle the chaos of the rehearsal very well. We were running behind schedule, people were joking around and not paying attention, it was about 98 degrees outside AND the coordinator at St. Catherine’s was driving me absolutely crazy. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Shannon.
Shannon dealing with the crazy coordinator at St. Catherine’s (probably reminding us for the 10th time of all the things people ‘usually’ do that we weren’t).

Ring bearer and flower girl: tired and hot. I knew exactly how they felt.
When the rehearsal was over, I was still unsure about the music cues, how my dad and I were going to know when to arrive in the vintage car, whether our flower girl and ring bearer were going to make it even halfway down the aisle.

The married and much wiser bridesmaid Jordan with groomsman Jake

Lovely Christine and newlywed Josh

Alex and Lizzie-our stand-in Randy & Tamara (as Randy was graduating with a master’s degree from MIT at that very moment then immediately hopping on a plane to Arkansas)

Nurse Michelle and groomsman Anthony

yep. lots of standing around (and lots of sweating)

Probably complaining about how bitchy the St. Catherine’s
coordinator was being (seriously it was bad)
Apparently, the thing about wedding rehearsals that no one tells you ahead of time is that they’re always awkward and unorganized and stressful. If successfully making it through your wedding initiates you into the marriage club, the rehearsal is the hazing.
And so (45 minutes later than planned) we made our way to Simple Pleasures for the topic of my next post, the Welcome Dinner.

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