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Honeymoon Tuesday

I suppose it’s about time that I talk about our amazing honeymoon. I’m planning to do one small post every Tuesday for as long as it takes. We spent a week in London and Paris and it was the trip of a lifetime.  If you remember, we initially had a hard time choosing where we wanted to go and ultimately chose London.

After our party a.k.a. reception finally ended around 2 a.m., we drove straight home and passed out. The next morning we attempted a ‘Farewell Brunch’  to say goodbye to the 40 or so guests that were still in town. Long story short, it was a nightmare. Let’s just say there’s one restaurant in town that we will never eat at again. Nonetheless, it was nice to see everyone one last time.  We headed home afterwards to pack . Yes, neither of us had packed before the wedding. I had been so stressed out and worrying about a thousand other things, and Jacob wasn’t even in town until Thursday night, hence, we found ourselves packing last-minute.

Here’s another piece of free advice if anyone reading this is planning a wedding: give yourself some time the next day to recover.

Sure, our packing was hurried, but we didn’t stress because we weren’t on a schedule. We ate leftover cake and food that the Garden Room staff had boxed up for us. We opened gifts and watched some of the flip videos from the wedding. Mostly we just giggled and let the day before sink in.  We knew all we had to do on Sunday was  drive 1.5 hours to Tulsa where we were going to stay at a hotel with a shuttle to the airport, then fly out Monday morning.

We made it uneventfully to Tulsa around 9 p.m., immediately went to sleep, woke up and took the shuttle to airport.

The obligatory ring picture-taken with Jacob's blackberry as we killed time in the airport

We flew from Tulsa to Dallas then to JFK in New York and hung out for a few hours until our overseas flight. Now, Jacob is a terrible flyer. He seriously hates it and the 6 hour flight to London had him more than slightly freaked out. Our plan to remedy this was to get him tipsy pre-flight, have a few free (one of the perks of flying Virgin Atlantic) drinks on the plane and fall asleep until we got there.  We nailed the first part, but got stuck on the runway for almost two hours so unfortunately our buzz was gone before we even took off.

This was our plane for our flight from NYC to London. It was two stories and something like 6 sections. There was an entire bar to your left when you boarded the plane.

Everything worked out fine in the end. Jacob survived without a panic attack and we were both entranced by all of the movies, tv shows, and games we had on our individual screens. We landed in London around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning (if you’re keeping track, we left Tulsa around 6 a.m. Monday morning).  We spent an hour or so waiting to get through customs (which was even more crowded the last time I went to London, why is that?) and then attempted to navigate the Tube without a map of where exactly our hotel was located. After some train hopping and internet kiosk cursing, we finally made it!

Our hotel, which I'll talk about in more detail later on was modern, always clean and only two blocks from the Earl's Court tube stop.

Even though it was only 10:30 in the morning and our room wasn’t quite ready yet, we were able to use another room for an hour to shower and freshen up. We quickly got ready and headed out to explore and find something very, very important: our first British meal.

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