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Our Wedding: Getting the party started

{disclaimer: there are literally hundreds of awesome photos from our wedding and it’s really, really hard for me to choose just a few to blog about. Our reception kicked so much ass that I’m having to break it up into two parts and will still have to leave out a ton of amazing pictures}

We had just interrupted the cocktail hour and quickly made our way to the middle of the patio. Faithfully by Journey started playing which could only mean one thing: our first dance (or that it’s time for couples skate at a run-down skating rink, ok maybe two things).


While we danced (i.e. swayed like 6th graders) the Garden Room staff passed out champagne and our best man, Jacob’s brother Chris, got ready to take the stage.

Chris gave a short and sweet toast and let everyone know that dinner was ready inside. I don’t know if people were more excited about the food or going inside to the air conditioning.


Regardless, the food (which I heard was fabulous) was devoured quickly. Despite being warned,
I too fell into the trap of ‘not eating at your own wedding.’ Randy even made us each a plate but we sat down for maybe two minutes before it was time for something else I can’t really remember (cutting the cake maybe?).


While everyone ate, my husband and I checked out the decor and the ever important dessert bar. I was so proud to show Jacob how everything had come together. He had been one of the only people in our family and bridal party that didn’t get to see/set up the Garden Room earlier that morning.

We made the rounds and did our best to thank everyone for coming.


and shared a beer with our dads. . .


Our guests made funny faces.

and some even braved sitting outside before the sun went down.

Before I knew it it was time to cut the cake.

Stay tuned for part two later today!

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