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Our Wedding: Picture Time

After everyone melted while we said our vows, we did some quick family and bridal party pictures. I had forgotten to bring our photographers the picture list so family photos were hectic, not to mention the fact that the bitches at St. Catherine’s were extremely adamant that we be out by exactly 7:00. Luckily, Jon and Emily are awesome so we managed to get all of the pictures in in an extremely short amount of time.

My new parents and siblings (and future nephew or niece in there!)
our ring bearer Tyler and flower girl Addison


My family (my dad’s not the only guy anymore)


I had to post this picture of my dad’s side of the family because my cousin Michelle on the left just had her baby on Saturday! Congratulations Eric & Michelle, Madilyn is beautiful!

The funny thing is, this is the one part of the day that is kind of a blur to me. The whole month after the wedding while we waited to see our pictures I kept having this anxiety that we didn’t get enough group pictures.


sidenote: how awesome do my bridesmaids look? All I told them was to pick out a knee length grey dress. The whole mismatched dress thing worked out perfectly. I didn’t even see half the dresses until the day of, and they looked amazing together.


It all happened so quickly that I was nervous they wouldn’t turn out or worse, that we had forgotten to get any pictures of just the two of us. Obviously, this worrying was completely unjustified, but what can I say, bridal nerves run deep even after the wedding :)

I used balloons just like this one in my bridal portraits and to mark the entrance to the reception at the Garden Room.

And as quickly as our wonderful ceremony started, it was over. . . and we were ready to party.

This picture cracks me up. I spent so much time on that stupid ‘Just Married’ banner and it looks terrible with the car. I actually thought that it didn’t even put on the car until we got our pictures back. Just goes to show you that the little details aren’t important when you’re, you know, busy doing the whole getting married thing.

We slowly made our way to the Garden Room. Super old car + no power steering + no air conditioning = LONG 15 mph ride across town. Eventually, we made it to the Garden Room where our guests were enjoying the cocktail hour. Our driver dropped us off in the back where the girls and I had gotten ready earlier that day. Julie, the fabulous owner of the Garden Room, had a plate of food and a pitcher of beer waiting for us. We each chugged a beer and took a few bites of flatbread (which was a good thing since it was practically the only food I got for the rest of the night). Shannon came back and helped me bustle my dress and take off my veil while our friend and emcee Wes got ready to introduce us as husband and wife.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Leonard!

and with those next two delicate steps, the best party of my life had officially begun.

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  • Mrs. Clark Bar August 4, 2010, 1:07 am

    You set this up beautifully…oh, the anticipation!!!!!!!!

  • cpdendy August 4, 2010, 6:09 pm

    The bridesmaids’ dresses were great! In the 2 weddings that I have been in, and my own included, I wish we would’ve done that!

    I love all your pictures! Can’t wait for more.

  • quilting August 19, 2010, 1:05 am

    Here’s a comment. Great advice =) Thanks