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Baby Chase


I know I owe you a Honeymoon Tuesday post, but I do have a video of quite possibly the cutest baby boy in the world to make up for it. Forgive me?

Ok, now that that’s settled let’s get down to business. Last Friday I got to spend the day with my dear friend Jordan and her adorable son Chase. If I used the word bestie, I would say that Jordan is my bestie. We bonded as outcasts in the hell that was seventh grade, and have been very close ever since. We were in each other’s weddings and have been through many good times as well as hard times together.

This is us in 2004. Jordan is on the left with her (now) husband Michael. Yes, that’s what Jacob’s hair looked like in high school. Eat your heart out ladies.

I can honestly say that each girl in this picture is still one of my best friends.

How crazy is that?

And here we are at my wedding back in June.

We’ve grown up just a little bit, huh?

Jordan is super mom and practically lives three full lives simultaneously right now. She’s a student, a mom and a college teacher.  And I complain about not having time to catch up on Real Housewives. . .

After Jordan finished teaching her afternoon class we headed to her house to hang out with Chase.

We thought it would be fun to take some photos of him in the onesies we made for him at his baby shower.  He didn’t quite agree and got a little cranky, but he was a trooper, and we still got some pretty good shots. Unfortunately, the settings on my camera were really wonky and the image quality suffered a lot. Note to other amateurs with DSLRs: chasing around an infant is NOT the time to practice shooting in Manual Mode. Oh well.
He’s cute enough to make up for my lack of photography skills.



Getting some love from Dad

One happy family



I love this one even though it’s out of focus because of how high Chase is in the air and how much he is loving it.

Kisses for mommy

This one is so cute that it almost makes me get a little baby fever. Almost.


Calling the hogs with Aunt JoBeth.

WOOOOOOO jobeth_chase






Look at those toes!

And all that hair! Sigh.



Alright, I promise this is the last of the baby talk for awhile. At least until my brother and sister-in-law find out next week what they’re having :)
I’ll meet you back here tomorrow with more pictures from our long weekend. Deal?

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  • Stephanie September 16, 2010, 7:47 am

    awwww…what a total cutie!! These are great pics…nicely done :)

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  • Julia Russell September 16, 2010, 6:53 pm

    What darling pictures. You did a great job!

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