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Busy week, busier weekend

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Sorry for the light posting this week. Things have been a little crazy around here. There’s this little football game going on in Fayetteville this weekend and people are just a tiny bit excited. Like tickets are going for $700 and  students have been camped outside of the stadium since Monday excited. This could potentially be the biggest Razorback game in Fayetteville in my lifetime. There are already thousands of people in town, and if we win. . . shit’s gonna get crazy.  To give the Visitors Bureau some school spirit, I painted this on our front windows at work:

Last night our very dear friends Randy and Tamara, who have been living in Boston for the last two years, came to Fayetteville to hang out and spend the night. Rand and Tam are moving to Switzerland (don’t ask, they’re geniuses and the Swiss love them some science) for three years, so while it was a fun night, it was also kind of sad. We went to lunch today and said our goodbyes, but you better believe that as soon as Jacob and I get some vacation time built up we are hightailing it over the ocean to visit.

One of the suckiest things about being an adult is having your friends spread out across the country world.  I love my job and making money and not having homework anymore, but 99% of the friends I have from college and high school aren’t in Fayetteville anymore so sometimes it sucks and I wish I could just go back to college.
I got really bummed saying goodbye to Randy and Tamara, but there are way too many awesome things going on this weekend to be depressed. My parents are coming up tonight, and tomorrow is GAME DAY baby.

If you hear a weird pig call tomorrow, don’t worry, that’s just me and 80,000 other people calling the Hogs here in Fayetteville.

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  • Stephanie September 26, 2010, 4:54 pm

    ugh I can’t stand Bama..still a little bummed they won!! I thought the Hogs totally had them!

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