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Hump Day Happenings


Wednesday already, huh? Fall is by far my favorite season, and while I’m so glad it’s finally here, it feels like it is already going by too quickly.

This weekend was exhausting. I’m sure you heard, but the Razorbacks fell to Alabama in the fourth quarter, and the entire town was grieving for a day or so.  I didn’t take it too well either,


but have since recovered and am busy,busy, busy.

The best part about Saturday ended up being that we got to tailgate
with some old friends.


That fact that there were adorable and delicious cookies available afterwards made the loss easier to swallow (literally. . .I’m sorry I had to) as well.


Between half-marathon training, a few side art projects, and some huge events going on right now at work, I feel like I never have time to blog anymore.

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