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Long weekend in Little Rock


After I spent Friday with Jordan and Chase, I had to get ready to cheer on my Hogs in Little Rock. If you don’t know, the University of Arkansas is kind of unusual in that we play two of our games each year in Little Rock (three hours southeast of Fayetteville). Being a native Central Arkansan, I have always had a special place in my heart for  Little Rock games.  I’ll be the first to admit that I generally don’t go to Little Rock games to watch the game itself. It’s all about the tailgating. Our friends Wes and Autumn had gotten there before 8 a.m. on Saturday to set up camp.

They’ve got tailgating down to a science. There’s always a grill, tons of food, beer, bag-o, shade, and even a private bathroom (no port-a-potties for this girl).  It was muggy and 90+ degrees, but we had a really good time hanging out with our family and friends

This definitely happened.

Which resulted in these that were promptly devoured.

Several sweaty pictures were taken.

While others did this.

(apparently i got something on my camera lens of my phone that made my pictures blurry.
Just pretend you’ve had a few and things are starting to get hazy)

The heat made some people act crazier than others.

Meanwhile several beverages were consumed.

The Leonard clan took a rare group picture.

And we won the football game! All in all it was a great weekend.

FYI, I made my dress* from a $5 men’s t-shirt and some red jersey/knit that was on sale.

The whole thing ended up costing me less than $20 bucks. I was planning to post a tutorial, but since (a) it was my first time to make myself a dress (b) I didn’t use a patttern, and (c) I thought the entire time I was sewing it was going to be a disaster, I quit taking pictures halfway through its construction.

Basically, I took a t-shirt and traced a tank top (wife beater in my case-gotta make sure it’s wide enough for those bra straps ladies) on top of it

cut it out, sewed until it seemed like it fit

Cut and hemmed a yard of the red fabric until it was knee-length
Then I gathered the raw edge with a basting stitch and pulled to create a gather

Sewed the sides together and pinned (like a TON of pins) it to the ‘tank top.’

{like this in case you’re wondering}

Sewed it all together and voila!

*I know these kinds  of dresses are really popular right now (at least here in the South), and I usually hate them, but this one was neither a skimpy tube top-mini skirt cocktail dress posing as casual wear nor $60-100.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!

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  • Emily September 17, 2010, 10:01 am

    LOVE your dress!!! Jessi, you are so talented.

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