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Weekend Highlights


1.) Friday I made these which were a hit and are my new go-to cookie.

2.) Then I whipped up a case for my new phone (totally obsessed with my Droid X) and my point-and-shoot camera based on this tutorial.

3.) On Saturday we drove to Fort Smith to hang out with Josh & Alex . We watched stressed out over the Razorback football game and then, of course, the boys played some video games.

4.) Saturday was also Josh’s birthday so we celebrated over dinner in Fort Smith.

5.) Despite a heavy dinner and a few glasses of wine on Saturday night, Alex and I managed to pound out a 5 mile training run this morning. It was hot, and it sucked.  I’m glad we did it. I know I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, but I’m running my second half-marathon with Alex in Tulsa the weekend before Thanksgiving. I’m excited. And scared. Mostly Excited.

Tonight is all about television. Boardwalk Empire started tonight (I love me some HBO series) and now, my beloved Mad Men is on-I better go!

How was your weekend?

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