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Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Bikes, Blues & BBQ was this past weekend in Fayetteville and it was insane.


For those of you who are unfamiliar, Bikes, Blues & BBQ is a motorcycle rally that features live music and, of course, a barbecue contest. Over 400,000 people made their way to our little town this year to ride their Harleys through the Ozarks, drink lots of beer, and of course, consume countless funnel cakes and corndogs.

I’ll be the first to admit that in the past I was one of the many Fayetteville residents who tried to avoid being in town during this weekend every year. This year, however, seeing as how the nature of my job is tourism and I had to work the information table in the heart of the rally, I decided to embrace the biker culture and enjoy the madness.

On Friday, my boss and I were taking a tour of the official campgrounds for the rally so I could get some pictures. We casually mentioned how awesome it would be to get some aerial shots, and next thing we knew, we were being strapped into  a helicopter. I sat in the backseat behind the pilot, and they took the door off of my side so I could get better pictures. I was hanging out the side of a helicopter with my camera strapped around my shoulders messenger bag style and the only thing keeping me from falling out was a little 1970’s-era seatbelt. It was absolutely incredible. Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do.

My boss snapped this picture of me snapping away:


Our view of the campgrounds from above

fairgrounds_aerial Later that afternoon, a couple of my other co-workers and I rode the passenger train ten minutes to another area of the rally.



Jeep had set up an entire concourse of activities. We got to test drive off-road Jeeps over logs, rocks and this hill.


In keeping with the adventurous spirit of the day, I also climbed the rock wall that Jeep had set up. No pictures, because the video on my phone didn’t work, but I promise I made it to the top. Side note: rock walls are SO much scarier than I remember. Either I’m a wimp now, or high school Jessi was way more fearless and nimble.

Saturday morning, I had a great 6 mile training run before heading back up to work the BB&B booth.

After the motorcycle parade, the only thrill left to tackle was one of these:


Hope you had a fun and adventurous weekend too!

*I had no idea until after I originally posted this that I had already written another post with the same title. Apparently, my subconscious really loves John Candy.

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