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Sunny Sunday in KC


{Note: This is part two of our trip.
You can find Part one of our Kansas City Trip here}

The next morning I set out bright and early (well more like 9 a.m., but it was a Sunday) on a training run around downtown. It was so fun to explore the area around our hotel on foot. I ran with my phone so I snapped a few pictures as  I ran.

I started right outside of the hotel. . .

kansas city_5

and ran past outdoor sculptures

kansas city_3

and almost got attacked by a dinosaur 

kansas city_2

I ran all around the grounds of the World War I monument

kansas city_1

and took in the beautiful skylinekansas city_4

It was a great run and I can totally understand why other runners love training while they travel.

After I made it back to the hotel and showered, we checked out and made our way back to the Hyatt per our original plans.

Swanky 80’s lobby anyone?


Our room was on the 36th floor and had a great view of downtown Kansas City.


Unfortunately, they were still sold out on Sunday night so we weren’t able to switch from two double beds to a king. So we did what any other married couple would do-spread out and had a slumber party Lucy and Ricky Ricardo style in separate beds.


After checking out the room, we drove a few blocks away to the City Market, an awesome outdoor market that’s open every day of the year.


The produce was SO cheap!
I wish I would have bought some of this yummy fruit.


Those jars are all bulk spices. So awesome.


Pumpkins! Man, I really love fall.

Big ones. . .


Ugly ones. . .


And every kind in between.


My favorite part was the Community Yard Sale that takes place every Sunday from April through October. Luckily, Jacob was there to curtail my urge to buy lots of junk treasures.



For lunch, we made sure to partake in some famous Kansas City barbecue from Winslow’s.


Then I had to get my Anthropologie fix, so we made our way to the Plaza.


Note to self: Don’t go into Anthropologie  (or any store at the Plaza) when you don’t have any money to spend.


I cheered myself up from walking out of Anthro empty-handed with a pumpkin pie concrete from a frozen custard place. They literally unwrapped a piece of pumpkin pie and blended it with vanilla custard. Absolutely. Delicious.


In a sugar coma, we crawled back to our room and found we had ruined our appetites and decided to relax on our beds and order room service instead of getting dressed and going out to eat. Hey, part of going on vacation is getting to relax, right?

Enter the $17  6 inch mini pizza:


We couldn’t even finish the whole thing because we were so full from frozen custard. Don’t worry, Jacob ate the rest for breakfast the next morning at 6 a.m.

Take that room service!


Soon it was time to get ready for the highlight of our weekend. We had tickets to go see comedian Louis CK at the Midland downtown!


The show was as awesome as we expected and the Midland Theatre is absolutely gorgeous. We went to bed immediately afterwards, got up the next morning, made it on the road by 7 a.m. and pulled in the driveway before 11.

It was a wonderful little mini-vacation and hopefully we’ll make it back up there soon. As I type this we’re on the road to Little Rock (so much driving lately, yuck) and tomorrow morning I’m running the Race for the Cure 5k with my sister.

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