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Better late than never?

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I just realized that between the moving sale, training runs, and house-buying craziness, I never showed you guys how we celebrated Halloween. Seeing as how next week is already Thanksgiving (how the hell did that happen?) I figured I had better post about it now or wait until next year.

Our Halloween decor was pretty boring this year because of a lack of time and budget. I did manage however, to add some new decorations for less than $10.

First, I made fake tombstones for our yard.


We bought a 4 pack ( I think?) of these foam boards from Lowe’s last winter for something like 5 or 10 bucks. We bought them originally to wedge between our kitchen counter and fridge to fill the 1 inch crack that food kept falling down into. Ghetto? Yes. Brilliant for broke-ass renters like us? Yes.

Anyway, We only used one sheet and the rest of them have been the source of many craft projects. For instance, I used one as the base of our J’s on the chapel for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photos

They also make a great snack.


Just kidding, but for Halloween I did use one to make tombstones.

(See very detailed instructions below)


1. Take your trusty styrofoam board and draw tombstone shapes and what designs you want to cut out on them in pen. I made two tombstones from one board.

foam board

Yes, that is my painting outfit and my classy use of a styrofoam cooler to spraypaint fake pumpkins in the background. Don’t judge me.

2.Cut out the shapes with a knife. Be prepared for hundreds millions of little styrofoam balls to take over your back porch.


3. Carve your R.I.P lettering and cracks with a small tool. I used a pumpkin carving mini-jigsaw thing (technical term?).

4. Spraypaint a splotchy coat of grey paint (leftover from the wedding).


Ta-da! Spooky Tombstones on the cheap!

For the rest of the decorations, I mostly reused the things I made last year.

I did add a fake pumpkin (Dollar Tree has them for, you guessed it, $1) with spiders displayed on one of my milk glass cake stands from the wedding.


And you already caught a glimpse of them, but I bought several more dollar fake pumpkins and spraypainted them white.



Since my aunt was coming that weekend and we were also celebrating her birthday, I spraypainted a (real) pumpkin with chalkboard paint and wrote a Happy Birthday message on it. FYI, this pumpkin’s still holding strong three weeks later.


Note the demolished birthday cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my go-to crowd pleaser cake combo. Mmmmmm

Here’s the outside of the house. I didn’t get a very good picture because this was approx. 5 min before the trick-or-treaters started.

front of house

I didn’t even have time to carve or paint our pumpkins this year :(

I did, however, make one into a vase. I bought a yellow mum, cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin that was slightly larger than the planter, and just slipped the whole planter inside. No messy cleanup or re-potting for this lazy decorator.

Easy peasy.


Disregard the fact that we had a frost two days before Halloween and my mums didn’t take too kindly to it….

I’ll leave you with just a few more pics  from Halloween weekend.

We went to the Farmers’ Market that Saturday morning where they had a pumpkin carving contest



Lots of delicious veggies


Pretty flowers


And, of course,  my wonderful family was there too

family melissa_ty

Saturday night was also the Razorback homecoming game

The whole gang


On Sunday, Halloween day, we took my aunt back to the airport, cooked chili, and our friends Alex & Betsy came over to help hand out candy.

It was another great Halloween, but my mind is already spinning with ideas of how to decorate the new house next year!

Whew. That was a really long post. Sorry about that. It’s been a REALLY long week so I guess it’s only appropriate.

I’m off to run errands. Tonight we’re heading to Fort Smith to stay with the Clarks. Tomorrow we’re driving to Tulsa for the race expo and Harry Potter (at the IMAX!), and Sunday is the Route 66 Half Marathon!

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