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Christmastime at our house



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For anyone who has ever asked me where I get my creativity from, my mother made this ornament for me this year. Yes, made the entire thing. She’s amazing.


I hate that I don’t have any night-time pictures of the tree, because it’s beautiful at night with the fire going.

The only things I have decorated inside are the tree and the mantle but it’s more than enough to keep me in the Christmas spirit.

Fun facts: This tree is ten feet tall. We didn’t even know if it would fit in the house because neither of us could remember how tall the ceilings were. We got it home by shoving it in the backseat of my car with about five feet hanging out the passenger side window, redneck-style. For a week all we had in the house was the Christmas tree and an air mattress.


Meanwhile the rest of my house looks like this:craft_room

Sigh. You can’t win ‘em all.


And for my Christmas present to you, I’ll show you our house!   


Pretty, huh? I’m in love.

We are currently making the three hour trek to Cabot for Christmas.

Merry Christmas y’all!

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