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As of 4:45 yesterday afternoon, Jacob and I are officially homeowners.

Want to have a mini-heart attack? Sign a contract that says your last payment is due in 2041. Ouch.

keys2 keys

See, we even have the keys & the horrible picture taking skills to prove it’s real.

Two months of anxiety and stress are finally over. As soon as we walked out of the title company, we both remarked that we felt a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. To be honest, the whole process has felt too good to be true. I kept waiting for something to fall through.

This house, OUR house, was the first and last one we ever looked at.


I found the sellers’ ad on Craigslist in September (maybe even August?) when we were still merely discussing the idea of not renewing our lease. I bookmarked it because it stood out to me and the owner had decorated it so cutely (is that a word?). Next thing we knew, we had a mortgage broker and a realtor. We abandoned our online search and reviewed probably close to 100 MLS listings hand-picked by our realtor and visited 35 of those homes in person. The search was exhausting and extremely frustrating. Every house seemed to have most of the things we were looking for, but there was always at least one deal-breaker. Even our final ‘top three’ would have required huge compromises had we chosen one of them. We were trying to decide between these final three choices when I remembered the ‘cute house’ I had bookmarked. A co-worker asked me about that original house the very same day. I took it as a sign and called the owners. I couldn’t even find the craigslist posting, just the blog link I had bookmarked with additional pictures months before. Luckily, the house was still on the market and we made an appointment for the next evening to look at the house. I spent the entire next day looking at the pictures of the house over and over.  I was in love with the house and I hadn’t even stepped foot inside yet. I just had this feeling that this would be the one. Jacob, sensing, my excitement and not wanting me to me disappointed, tried to remind me that we had been fooled by pictures before and that I needed to remember that the ‘cute house’ still needed to meet all of our strict criteria. We walked in and took a quick tour with Sara, the overwhelmingly sweet owner. I kid you not, I knew within 30 seconds of walking into our house that it was the one. I just hoped that Jacob would feel the same way. I chatted with Sara while Jacob took flip videos of every room (our way of documenting each house -which was so much easier than pictures when trying to distinguish one from another). We told her that we’d be in touch and walked silently to our car. As soon as the doors shut, we looked at each other and just grinned. “What are the odds?” I said. “Of all the houses. . .” I could barely talk I was so excited.  Long story short (well it’s already pretty long I guess) we had put in an offer and they had agreed to our counter-offer within a week. Closing was set for a little over a month later. And even though it’s been ours in my heart for months, yesterday it was official.

p.s. in case you’re wondering, the Week of Stress went off without a hitch. The race was so fun (recap coming soon but you can read Alex’s in the meantime) and the baby shower was equally successful (recap as soon as I get my camera and memory card with the pictures on it back).

p.p.s. Yes, I’m the girl who leaves her big, fancy camera at her brother and sister-in-law’s house the week she buys her first house so she has to take pictures with her ancient point-and-shoot.

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  • Alex December 8, 2010, 7:01 am

    AAAAAAAGGG!! I can’t believe it! So excited for you guys!

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