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Easy Baby Bibs


When we were in Little Rock for Autumn’s shower I also brought along some presents for baby Maddox. I actually meant to give them to Sommer at Christmas, but (shocker) I didn’t get them finished in time. I’ve seen variations of these simple baby bibs floating around blog world, but I thought I’d share my version with you. These take hardly any time and are perfect for using up scrap fabric.


Supplies Needed:

Washcloths (I bought a 16 pack of assorted colors for $4! ) or you could also get fresh and the Best changing mat for this

Acrylic Paint & Textile medium (or fabric paint)

*Freezer paper

Fabric at least the size of washcloth (around 10″ x 10″)

Matching thread



* If you don’t know what Freezer Paper is, you have been missing out because it’s awesome. You find it in the aisle with wax paper and foil. Freezer paper is perfect for stencils, cheap and easy to use.

freezer paper Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, ready to make some personalized bibs? Sure you are.

Easy Baby Bibs

First, use a washcloth (or 12 x 12 piece of terrycloth) as a guide to cut a slightly larger piece of cotton fabric.

If you’re not going to add a stenciled design, pre-wash the cotton fabric first. In that case, you can just cut the fabric to the same size as the washcloth.

freezer paper_cut

Draw your designs on freezer paper with a Sharpie or pen. Make sure when drawing or tracing the stencils on the freezer paper to trace them onto the right side. One side of freezer paper is paper (almost like a thick parchment) and the other side has a waxy residue. You want the paper side up when you trace your stencils (waxy side down).

freezer paper_designs

Cut out the part of the designs that you want to paint carefully with an X-acto knife. Be sure to keep any floating pieces of the designs that you’ll want to iron on as well.

freezer paper_xacto

Trim the freezer paper to each design, leaving several inches around all sides. Cut an extra piece of freezer paper roughly the same size. You’ll iron it to the other side of the fabric to keep the paint from leaking through. Place the designs where you want them on your fabric with the waxy side down and the extra piece of freezer paper on the underside of the fabric opposite the stencil.

Then you simply iron the paper right to the fabric.  Turn your iron on cotton setting. You should have the stencil wax side down and the blank piece wax side up (so the 2 waxy sides are facing each other). Iron the stencils to the fabric. It doesn’t take very long, around 30 seconds to a minute. Make sure you gently move your iron around so you don’t scorch the fabric. Gently test the pieces of the stencil to make sure everything fully adhered. On the designs that had floating pieces, iron the main outside piece first and then add the floating pieces, being careful to place them in the proper places. At this point, you”ll have your freezer paper stencil stuck to one side of your fabric and your plain piece stuck to the opposite side.

freezer paper_iron

Now you’re ready to paint. I used Anita’s textile medium from Hobby Lobby. With this medium, you can turn any acrylic paint into fabric paint. Mix one part textile medium to two parts acrylic paint in the color of your choice.

freezer paper_paint

Then, gently paint over the exposed areas of the stencil. I used a combination of sponge brushes and small paintbrushes.

freezer paper_m

If you want the painted designs to be bright and bold (like in the painted onesies from Jordan’s baby shower), you can do several light coats. I just did one because I kind of wanted the designs to look faded. And I’m impatient.

Allow the paint to dry and carefully peel off the freezer paper.

freezer paper_m after

Wash your painted fabric. This step is actually optional. You don’t have to wash the fabric to set the paint, but since this is for a baby, I wanted it to be soft instead of scratchy.

freezer paper_wash

Next pin and cut out your bib pattern. I tweaked this pattern slightly to fit onto a standard washcloth.

freezer paper_pin

freezer paper_cut1

freezer paper_bib

Repeat for the washcloth.

freezer paper_terry

With the right side of the cotton piece down, pin the cotton and washcloth pieces together.


Sew a 1/4″ seam around the bib, leaving a small (1 or 2 inches) open. Don’t be alarmed if the washcloth shifts or stretches as you sew, just pin well and adjust along the way.



Use the opening to carefully turn the bib right-side out. It will probably be pretty wrinkled, so you may want to iron the bib flat.


Finally, top stitch around the entire bib, being careful to catch both pieces of the opening you used to turn the bib inside-out. Sew small squares of velcro to the straps and you’re done!


Ta -Da! Enjoy your handiwork and repeat for as many bibs as you desire.


I made several more for Maddox


Paired with a few burp cloths to match, they make great gifts for the new mothers and babies in your life.

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  • Stephanie January 28, 2011, 9:10 am

    Man these are way cute!! Someday when I actually bust out my sewing machine I MUST try to make them!

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    This is terrific, thanks for such clear instructions! I’m giving this a try..
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