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One month later: House tour part II


As promised, I’m back with the rest of the house photos. Well kind of. My memory card decided to eat the pictures of our bedroom and the bathrooms, but promise me you’re not really missing anything there. The bathrooms are both really nice, but I’ve added nothing besides rugs and a shower curtain. Our bedroom is another story. We don’t have nightstands yet, and the rest of the room is generally in disarray (which is not surprising if you know me at all).

Anyway, this is what our guest bedroom looks like right now.

guest room_before  guest room2_before 
I hate this bedding and there’s not much going on in the furniture department.

guest room1_before

No matter how bare the room is, it is so nice to actually have a ‘guest’ room. The spare bedroom in our last house was a cramped office/craft/guest room which didn’t work out to well. I have big plans for this room. We’re getting some amazing heirloom furniture soon and I’m about to give that antique lamp a makeover. You can look forward to many more projects and updates with the guest room. That is, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Moving right along, bedroom number 3 is Jacob’s office.


Again, I’ve already got some great ideas for this space but they’ll have to wait until we can afford nice office furniture and accessories. 
 office1_before office2_before

You can’t really tell from the photos, but the walls are bright green. Think honeydew. Paint will definitely be in order soon.

Last but certainly not least today, is the kitchen. Oh I love this kitchen.


We had so little kitchen space in our last house that most of the wedding gifts we received had to be put stored in the garage.  When we moved it was so exciting to re-open and pull out all of the things we had forgotten about. It was like Christmas came twice this year :)kitchen1_before

And yes, I have dirty dishes in my sink because I keep it real like that for you guys. Or because I was too lazy to clean my kitchen before I took pictures. 


Bonus: remember that Dirty/Clean sign I made for the dishwasher that failed so miserably? It totally sticks to our new dishwasher! Reason 1, 314 why our new house is better than the old rent one.

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