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Happy Tuesday y’all. It is really Tuesday, right? I’ve felt like it was Wednesday all day and keep getting confused. The day of the week, however, is irrelevant to my next announcement.

I’m opening a store! Kind of.

Several virtual stores if you will.

In the menu under the Jessi Makes Things logo, there is an exciting new addition!

I’ve mentioned before how I have been taking commissions for Razorback paintings. Well, now I have a whole page devoted to them. If you click on the Shop menu button you’ll see that I have a few other ideas in progress as well.


Which is going to help me (hopefully) cross off a few tasks from my 101 in 1001

You also might have noticed that Jessi Makes Things is now available for subscription on Kindle. Fancy, huh?

I doubt anyone will actually read it, but in the meantime it sure is fun to have a fancy button and all.

Can’t wait to show you guys more in the next few weeks!

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  • Alex January 18, 2011, 7:02 pm

    Seriously Jessi…Amazing!!!! You won’t need 1001 days at the rate you’re going!

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