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Showering Baby Maddox: Food and Decor


Brrrrrrrr. I can’t get over how cold it is outside. I saw on twitter that temperatures here in Arkansas are the coldest they’ve been in 15 years! Seeing as how every state except Florida had snow on the ground yesterday, it’s pretty likely that’s it’s cold where you are too.

Unfortunately, it’s going to get worse in Fayetteville before it gets any better.



But enough of the arctic temperatures. Remember that time that I posted about the baby shower I helped throw for my nephew and only got as far as talking about the gifts I made for him? Yeah, probably not because you’ve slept since then.

As a refresher, in part two of the craziest weekend of my life (except for the wedding, I guess) I helped host a pretty kick-ass baby shower for my sister-in-law and soon to be mother, Sommer. Seeing as how Baby Maddox is going to be here in a few weeks I realized that I had better share with you the rest of the shower details before it’s time to show you pictures of his birth.

I was in charge of decorations (or I probably claimed them because I’m weird and love stuff like that, who knows). Either way, I didn’t have much time before the shower to make as much as I would have liked between Thanksgiving, two half marathons, and finishing the aforementioned gifts, but I did manage to come up with some cute stuff.

Jacob’s mom, aunt, and our friend Autumn put together an awesome spread of food. I added some flags made out of scrapbook paper and toothpicks. I kept all the decor to a neutral color scheme to go with the rustic/vintage theme of the shower and Maddox’s nursery.

Sommer and Chris are both really outdoorsy, so they are decorating everything for Maddox in rich browns, oranges, and greens. It’s a really pretty ‘boy’ color scheme without being so babyish.

cupcakes foodsandwichesquicheflagfruit

Cindy (my mother-in-law) and I also made a diaper cake


The whole spread buffet

This is the wagon that Sommer and Chris sent to Cindy filled with flowers to let her know that Baby Leonard was a boy. wagon

I was really happy with how the burlap bunting and wreath I made turned out.

I was going to show you how to make them, but the bunting was pretty much based off of this tutorial, so I’ll let Heather do the explaining. welcome_banner

I love this burlap wreath. In fact, I think I’m going to make one for the front of our house as soon as I have some free time. Yeah right.

I made it using Emily’s tutorial. A rolled fabric flower and painted letter ‘M’ made cute and simple embellishments.

I didn’t get any good pictures of it because by the time everything was set up, people were arriving and I focused on them instead, but here’s two close-ups that I salvaged from other pictures. You can see the general idea at least.wreath


Later this week (I promise this time!) I’ll show you the obligatory shower games and lots and lots of presents.

Did that take your mind off of the frigid temperature for a minute or two?
I didn’t think so. Oh well.

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