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Happy Friday! We’re currently driving to Little Rock to spend the weekend. I’m helping throw a bridal shower for my friend Autumn at my sister-in-law’s house on Sunday. I worked all week on a bunch of, you guessed it, decorations.

Speaking of showers, let’s finish the recap of my nephew’s baby shower, shall we?

After the decorations and buffet were assembled, guests started to arrive.





We ate and played the game where you guess how far around the mother-to-be’s belly is. Everyone got a piece of crepe paper that they used to make their estimate, and Sommer went around the room to get measured.

ruler ruler2 ruler3

I did not win this game. In fact, I used my own belly circumference as a guideline and my paper was way too long. Talk about taking a hit to the ol’ self esteem.  ruler4

ruler8 ruler5

Too big ruler6

Too small ruler7

Just right. We have a winner. Actually, we had two people who guessed correctly.


We also played the game where a little plastic baby was hidden in one of the mini cupcakes, and whoever found it won a prize. Unfortunately, no one initially found the baby despite total desecration of the cupcake platter.

We may have resorted to some not so sneaky detective work to trick Sommer into finally finding the baby. . . sommer_baby

And of course there were lots and lots of presents to be opened gifts3 gifts8gifts4  gifts6 gifts7   gifts10  gifts12

gifts15 gifts16 gifts17 gifts18 gifts19 gifts20 gifts22gifts21  gifts_painting

It was awesome to meet all of Sommer’s co-workers and friends.
Maddox will be here before we know it to enjoy all of his loot!


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