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Snow Day Adventures

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I came home Wednesday evening to a gorgeous sunset


After we went to bed it started to sleet and around 4 a.m. (at least according to the weather man, believe me I was not awake), snow started to fall.

And fall.

And fall some more.

I knew it was supposed to snow all morning, but when I woke up we only had an inch or so. I didn’t know if I would have to go in to work, but luckily my boss let us know right before I was about to get up and shower (no need to waste the water if you don’t have to, right?) that the offices were closed and we would be working from home. So I crawled back in bed and slept until noon.

I wish.

Jacob had to brave the weather to take some cheese to a customer (ah, the life of a food salesman) and I stupidly valiantly offered to join him. We left the house by 7, and the roads were already looking crazy.


The usually 30-40 minute drive took us over three hours roundtrip! It was crazy. Driving was definitely dangerous in my little Sonata (my car is the only one with front wheel drive), but also kind of an adventure.

This is not a black and white picture.
Just an early morning snowstorm turning the world gray.


We saw many, many wrecks and stranded cars.



By the time we finally made it to Rogers (about 25 miles north) it was snowing so hard that we could only see a few hundred yards ahead as we drove.

Did I mention the restaurant was several miles out of town? Up several very curvy hills? You people that live in places where snow is common are probably laughing at me right now, but I live in the South. We don’t handle snow. It was seriously scary.


Eventually, we made it back to Fayetteville and stopped at the Downtown Square to deliver something to another customer (see a pattern here?). I hopped out and took a few quick pictures. You can’t really tell in the photos, but the snow was coming down so hard that I was holding my gloves over my lens to keep my poor camera from getting wet.     






Two stops later, and we were finally on our way home. Almost five hours later.

The road leading to our neighborhood was beautiful, but very slick.

All of the trees were nice and white.


A pretty creek by our neighborhood


We arrived home from our five hour adventure to over four inches of snowy goodness.


And it wasn’t even noon yet.


Want to see my pretty little house all covered in snow? Well, if you’re gonna twist my arm. . .


I just love the flocked bushes and trees. Yes, that’s what it’s called. Look it up if you don’t believe me.



The backyard looked pretty awesome too


snow_fence2   snow_fence snow_fence1  

    Alas, the sun came out yesterday afternoon and melted just enough snow off of the roads to make it possible, but still totally dangerous, for me to drive to work today. Thanks Mr. Sun!

Man, I wish sarcasm translated better in typed words. But hey, it’s Friday! And I’m really excited. No sarcasm this time.

Have you had a snow day yet this winter?

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  • Alex January 21, 2011, 7:12 pm

    Beautiful!! Your classic mailbox looks even MORE precious as a snow-capped classic mailbox.

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