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the Future Mrs. Jones

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I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it, but I married into a very close family. Jacob is very close with his brother and sister-in-law especially, which means I’m close with them too. My brother-in-law’s best friend Wes has always been like a third Leonard brother. When Wes met Autumn last year we were so excited, and in March she will officially become a part of our ‘unofficial’ family.

Last weekend I got to help my sister-in-law and Autumn’s other bridesmaids throw her a bridal shower. And by ‘throw’ I mean I helped with the invitations and the decorations. The other girls did all the real work.  The shower was at my sister-in-law’s lovely house who is, as you know, extremely pregnant. We half’-joked that I was going to be the ‘stand-in Sommer’ if, for some reason, she had to go to the hospital on the day of the shower. Luckily, I didn’t have to take over and pretend to be a hostess- partly because she was the one who knew how to make the perfect mini quiches, and partly because my hair will never look as good as hers.


On the other hand, I was happy to contribute to the decor, something even I can handle. Since Autumn and Wes are having a couples shower next month, we decided to make this her ‘girly’ shower and stuck with a femine and vintage pale pink and cream theme. Predictably, I made cupcake/food flags.

shower_sandwiches shower_petit four

I also pulled out my tissue-pouf-making skills from the wedding and made a few to hang over the buffet.

shower_foodshower_buffet   tissue poufs 

I also made a banner for the mantle


and, in keeping with the vintage theme, I cut up an old copy of Wuthering Heights  to make paper flowers to add to the fresh bouquets

shower_paper flowers

I cut hearts of the book pages and scattered them on the food table


and used clear thread to sew the hearts into a garland. Sorry this side view is the only picture I ended up with


I even found a use for my favorite teapot


Look familiar? :)


We skipped the cheesy shower games and kept to the basics. Food and gifts. Because what’s better than that, really?



shower_guests shower_presents1

shower_presents2 shower_presents4

My sister-in-law, the bride-to-be & yours truly

autumn_sommer_jessi  Sommer may be smiling. . .sommer_autumn

but her poor feet were so swollen she had to wear slippers


Autumn with two of her hostess’ and bridesmaids autumn_hostesses

The bride with all of her bridesmaids


Autumn and Wes, Jacob and I cannot wait for your wedding! We love you!

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