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Birthday Snow

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The sun is out and it’s finally starting to look like spring around here.

Can you believe that I took these pictures today?



And these exactly one month ago?





You might remember that something else pretty exciting happened a month ago today as well.


As soon as my brother and sister-in-law  knew what date they were going to have the baby, Jacob and I made plans with our jobs to be in Little Rock for the birth. The thing, we didn’t plan on, however was the record snowfall that fell the day before. When we realized that the predicted 3-4 inches was going to turn into 20, it was too late. We were, quite literally, snowed in. A 2 1/2 foot tall snow bank was preventing our cars from going anywhere.

We were upset, but decided to make the best of the situation. If we couldn’t be there to welcome Maddox into the world, we wanted to let him know why. So we took a bunch of pictures and video that we will make into a movie for him so someday he knows what Aunt Jessi and Uncle Jacob’s house looked like and the records that were broken the day he was born. We’re still working on the video, but until then here’s a few photographs.

happy birthday sign

jacob_happy birthday

Uncle Jacob even made Maddox a birthday snow angel (and yes, there’s video of this too)


jacob_snow  jessi_happy birthday    

You may have noticed a snowman in the photos of the yard above. Josh and Alex came over the weekend before, you know, when we’d already had two snowstorms the week before and we made a snowman.


Well, Alex and I made a snowman.


The guys made a snow . . .ant?

snow ant

Don’t worry, they tackled and destroyed the ugly thing two minutes after they finished. The point of the story is, poor Mr. Snowman survived the weekend and had to suffer through the record snowfall with us.


He was kind enough to wish Maddox a Happy Birthday as well

snowman_birthday sign      

Wow, that was a really long post to say, ‘It’s crazy how much can change in just one month.’

Happy One-Month Birthday Maddox, we love you!

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