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It’s Friday! What are you weekend plans?

I’m helping coordinate another wedding on Saturday, but other than that I’ll be at home working away.

Some exciting posts are in the works, so hopefully I’ll hammer a few of those out over the weekend too.

I’ll tease you with this wonderful dish that Jacob and I made on Wednesday.


It’s quickly becoming our favorite dinner and (shocker!) it’s really healthy.

And we filmed the entire process.

That’s right, Jessi and Jacob are making cooking videos now. Watch out world.

Just a few more of the blog posts to come:

  • Plans for the vegetable garden I’m creating in our backyard
  • The revival of Honeymoon Tuesday posts
  • The story of how I found myself without a wedding dress a week before the Big Day
  • An update on how my 101 in 1001 list is coming along

Have a good weekend nerds!

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