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Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Bloooogg

Happy Birthday to you!

Where to begin….

24 Mar 2009

“so i’ve had a blogger account for several months now, but haven’t gotten around to updating it yet. SO here goes. to say that now is a stressful & crazy time in my life would be an understatement. i’m graduating in 47 days, trying to plan a wedding, trying to figure out what to do with my life period. so far i’ve gotten in to Boston University & Northwestern for grad school but that news has only made my imminent future more confusing. we could move to boston and get jobs/i could go to grad school in boston OR chicago/we could get jobs in northwest arkansas/we could get jobs in central arkansas….i could go on all day. the one thing that i do know is that blogging is certain to become yet another thing that i do instead of the endless paperwork/cleaning that comes with having to grow up”

Two years ago today I wrote my very first blog post. My then-blog was named The Times, They-Are-A-Changin’ and apparently I didn’t believe in capitalization or proper punctuation.

It’s crazy to look back at how much and how little has changed in the last two years. I’m still with the same boy, only now I  have a wedding ring and a house. We obviously didn’t move to Boston (although that dream is still very much alive). I chose a corporate job that I hated over grad school, but luckily things turned around in that department. Life is still pretty stressful and crazy, but apparently that will never change so I should get used to it.

I’m on the road to Texas right now with my mom and sister for a girls weekend with my aunts and cousins. I’m excited for girl time and new clothes, but I’m even more excited about my very first trip to Ikea!

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