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Christmastime is here


or at least it is at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, 361 days a year. On Thursday of our Michigan trip, we made the one and a half hour trip to one of my all-time favorite stores.


Bronner’s is the world’s largest Christmas store and IT’S AWESOME.

I’ve been going to Bronner’s and Frankenmuth since I was little, and was really excited to take Jacob there since he loves Christmas as much as I do.


We convinced my grandmother to come along as well. This is what happens when I get my dear husband to take a picture with my ‘big’ camera.


Much better.


The outside is covered with Christmas lights, giant Santa sculptures, nativity scenes and general Christmas hoopla.

The inside is even better.


The pictures don’t even do justice to how huge this place is.

bronners2 bronners3

Me: they seriously have any kind of ornament you can think of

Jacob: Hmmm..what about a hot dog ornament?

(within five minutes of walking around the store)



“Dude, you’ll never believe this place. They have hot dogs. That are ornaments!”


Poor Melissa was so overcome with emotion at the sight of the Christmas villages that she all but broke down in tears.



And it’s not just ornaments. There are nutcrackersbronners7

and Christmas villages. Oh, the Christmas villages!
bronners8 bronners10

Oh yes, this is what you think it is.


It gets even better. The whole town from A Christmas Story (my dear husband’s all time favorite Christmas movie) lives at Bronner’s too.

bronners11 bronners12

Run Ralphie, run!


Because, really what else do you need in life than a minature version of the Chop Suey Palace (complete with lyric-misinterpreting employees) from A Christmas Story?


Deck the harrs with bows of horry, Fa Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra

bronners15 bronners16

We made it out with a handful of ornaments and an appetite for Frankenmuth’s famous Bavarian food.

So long Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland; we will be back!  bronners18

Speaking of national holidays,  how many of you were up at 3 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding? I DVRed it and watched it before work. It was fabulous!  I love weddings and I love, love, LOVE London, so the two combined were the perfect way to kick off a sunny Friday.

Did you know that the Mister and I went to London on our honeymoon (and yes, I plan to finish the recaps…ummm hopefully before our anniversary)? We spent hours in Westminster Abbey so seeing all of those familiar corridors this morning had me itching to go back!

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  • Lori Libka May 9, 2011, 10:20 am


    Thanks for sharing all these great pics from your visit!

    Lori Libka
    communications assistant
    Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

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  • Bayanihan September 5, 2015, 9:05 am

    Thanks for letting me know about “Book tlrireas”. I had not heard of them before and it was a real “head slapping” moment for me. “Of course!!!”If I ever write a book I will have to make at least one and maybe several versions. One official, one by a “fan”, one parody, one highly critical with extended crazed ranting, and one that also has a ho-hum review.And I think writers should think about getting a web site and domain name BEFORE their book is done. It will help motivate you to finish the dang thing and web sites that are older tend to get more traffic. But that is a whole other topic for discussion.

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