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It’s Wednesday.

It’s been a long week, and it’s only half way over.

It’s time for a little gardening update.

Saturday was the first Farmer’s Market of the season, and by the time we got there around 9:30 a.m. it was so packed, you could hardly walk.

There weren’t very many vegetables yet, but there were quite a few varieties of lettuces and onions. I managed to keep my purchases to $2. Even though according to the plan, I didn’t have any more room for lettuce, I saw this set of romaine starters and changed my carefully crafted layout on the spot. 4 plants for $2!


I decided to switch the planned green beans for my new precious Romaine plants. If you’re keeping up, that’s three kinds of lettuce I have now planted in my little garden. Romaine, however, is totally my favorite of all the lettuces in the world, so I would happily give up other vegetables if it means growing my own dinner salad.

I finally planted them this evening and they’re taking up residence next to their brother, Red Lettuce, and cousin, Spinach.


Speaking of spinach, let’s check in with the other vegetables shall we?

The spinach has sprouted!

spinach spinach_sprouts

The broccoli is still green (I’m taking that as a good sign) but alas, no heads of broccoli have sprouted just yet. broccoli

My favorite little sprout so far is Mr. Buttercrunch. buttercrunch

A baby lettuce plant! buttercrunch_lettuce

The garlic is doing pretty well too  garlic garlic_sprouts

The poor italian parsley is another story. No sprouts from these seeds yet. I’m afraid they couldn’t handle the harsh weather we’ve had this past two weeks. At least I have plenty of time to plant transplants if nothing comes from the seeds.italian_parsley

The onions look pretty much the same. Doing well I guess. . .  onions

The  red lettuce is still a beautiful red color and looking better each day.red_lettuce

We had a really crazy storm this past weekend and a wind warning all day today, so I was a little worried about my precious veggies. They seemed to fare pretty well and I’m happy with all my plants so far.

Here’s my garden today (ignore the garden hose and exposed weed fabric, the storms did take some victims apparently).


It’s certainly coming along. More progress photos to come soon!

Tomorrow is a big day for me at work, but Friday as soon as I’m off the clock we’re headed to the mountains! We’re renting a cabin with a bunch of our friends to celebrate Jacob’s birthday. I am so looking forward to a weekend away from my laptop and DVR.

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