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****Guys! This week has kicked my rear, but I’m not going to apologize for the thousandth time for disappearing for a few days. Just know that I’m here and I will be back soon!**

Let’s see, where did we leave off? Oh yes, we spent the morning at the world’s biggest Christmas store and then ventured onward into the heart of town for a Bavarian lunch and some sightseeing.

This week left me too exhausted to narrate any further, and let’s be honest you come here for the pictures anyway, right?

So here is the rest of our Frankenmuth trip in pictures

bavarian inn

2011-04-21_15-39-34_40 2011-04-21_15-39-41_933 2011-04-21_15-44-05_859 2011-04-21_15-56-58_916 2011-04-21_16-02-55_947 2011-04-21_16-03-11_105 2011-04-21_16-20-18_330 chilling_melissa_jessi_jacob chilling_ty_melissa frankenmuth_pennies







It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!

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