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Good Old Grand Haven


I’m back with the last of our Michigan trip recaps. I’ve already shown you my grandparents’ house, the world’s largest Christmas store, and Michigan’s little Bavaria. The last day trip we took was to one of my favorite places in the world, Grand Haven, Michigan. Grand Haven is this quaint little beach town on the shore of Lake Michigan. It has a great beach, a pier with  lighthouses, and an adorable downtown with lots of unique shops.

We always go in the summer, so this was my first trip in April. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly beach weather. When we arrived it was in the 40s and foggy. We made the trip in just under two hours, and when we got there around noon lunch was our first priority. Old Boys’ Brewhouse was the perfect way to kick off the day.


An order of fried pickles and a few craft beers warmed us right up.

After lunch we drove over to the Grand Haven State Park to show the boys the lighthouse.

grand_haven1  grand_haven3 grand_haven4 grand_haven5 grand_haven6

The waves were pretty crazy and the water was FREEZING. Sometimes when it storms the waves go over the top of the outer lighthouse.


Crazy, right?

grand_haven8 grand_haven9

I had to.

My lovely sister, ladies and gentlemen.  She’s going to kill me.grand_haven10

About halfway out onto the pier, the sun made an appearance.grand_haven11 grand_haven12 grand_haven13   


grand_haven17 grand_haven18

Weirdo.grand_haven19 grand_haven20

If you look closely, you can see all of the fishermen on the pier. grand_haven21

I don’t know how they could spend all day out there. I couldn’t feel my hands or ears the whole time.grand_haven22




grand_haven24 grand_haven25

All of the sidewalks and parking lots were covered in washed up sand from the windy winter.grand_haven26

After we left the harbor,  we explored downtown Grand Haven.grand_haven27

We got some ice cream (a must for every visit) and did a little shopping before heading back to Lansing for our last night at the grandparents’ house.



I love Michigan (especially Grand Haven) and can’t wait to go back soon. Hopefully when it’s warmer :)

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