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Mama I’m coming home


This past weekend, despite some minor setbacks on Saturday, we made the three hour trip to visit our families (especially the moms in our life) and celebrate Mother’s Day. Oh, and obviously we had to introduce our new fur baby to everyone.

We spent Saturday evening with my family and somehow I didn’t take out my camera once.

This amazing one-of-a-kind artwork pretty much sums it up anyway.


Now I want one of my dad’s famous burgers. Crap.

And no, my sister and I are not creepy twins and my dad doesn’t wear bell bottom jeans. At least not in the last 25 years.

We spent Sunday with the in-laws at Jacob’s aunt’s house in Little Rock. Obviously, Maddox was the star of the show.

maddox mothers_day

Although, Addison is definitely a scene-stealer. How come little kids know how to operate iPhones better than I do?


We ate ribs and drank and enjoyed the abundant sunshine. It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

As for Lois, she got to meet both sides of the family and go on her first road trip. She was a trooper. She spent 9 hours in the car between Friday night and Sunday with nary an accident or freak-out (the same could not be said for yours truly).mothers_day_lois mothers_day_lois2 

In other news, my wonderful sister-in-law has had a rough few weeks. Please send good thoughts her way, she totally deserves it. We love you Sommer!

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