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Vegetable Garden: All In

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This week was a big one for the ol’ vegetable garden. I added four new pepper plants which brought the grand plant total to 18. That’s right, every square has been filled!


I promise I mowed the grass right after I took this photo.

This week I planted serrano peppers,


banana peppers,

garden_may14_banana peppers



and sweet red bell peppers.

garden_may14_bell peppers

My food processor is going to be on full-time salsa duty in a few months.

I also added a tomato cage and stakes over the weekend.


And spent several hours redoing the mulch after it all floated away last month.

Most of the veggies are thriving, but my buttercrunch lettuce never really came back after the floods. One head had finally started to grow again and a critter ate it!

Warning to all rabbits in west Fayetteville: you better leave my garden alone or you’ll be sorry

I realized that I never show you the garden from the other end, so here’s how it looks from the south.


garden_may14_red lettuce



  Is it weird that I want to frame this broccoli photo and hang it in my house?
I’m obsessed.


All of the herbs are still going strong

garden_may14_herbs    garden_may14_romaine  


I spy a baby Tomato! garden_may14_tomato

In other exciting news, this week was the first time that we actually ate vegetables from the garden. On Sunday I made a huge salad from my romaine and red lettuce heads.


On Wednesday, we ate the center crown of broccoli. I steamed the whole head and it tasted divine.  garden_may18_broccoli

Poor Mr. Broccoli now looks like this :( 


Don’t worry, new heads are growing in already. It’s hard to believe I started this vegetable garden project only two months ago. It is definitely a lot of work, but I think I’m hooked for life.

It’s so exciting to see how far the garden has come in such a short time and think about how it will look in a few months when everything is fully grown.


The plants told me they hope you have a good weekend!


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  • Stephanie May 20, 2011, 10:24 pm

    I love your set-up!! This is amazing to me…our weather has been so crappy we haven’t been able to plant a single thing yet!! Hopefully by July we’ll finally be able to plant some tomatoes…haha!

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