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For the Love of Lois


Lois is doing great. We LOVE her and I just thought I’d update you on how’s she adjusting to life as a Leonard.


Obviously, it’s a pretty hard life.


Lois at 6 months

Nicknames: Puppy, Sug, Busef (don’t ask), Poocher, Baby Girl
Temperament: Energetic and, for the most part, well behaved. Loves socializing and playing with other dogs and people.
Things We Could Do Without: Separation Anxiety when we leave even for a moment. Excessive drooling in crate from said Separation Anxiety. Barking at anyone (real or imaginary) who comes to the door.
Toys She Loves: Rubber barbell, her Kong (especially when it’s filled with peanut butter), football tug toy and her rawhide bones. Oh, and my eyeglasses.

Hobbies: Snuggling in the morning, running laps in the back yard, drinking water then dripping it all over the floor, humping her blanket and playing fetch with Dad.

Tricks She Knows: Sit, Drop It (when playing fetch . . .kind of). We’re working on Stay and High Five.
Household Items She’s Chewed: One (the cord to the electrical blanket got stuck in her crate while we were at work)
Number of Nights Spent Apart: One but she got to spend it with her friend Ajax.


It’s ridiculous how quickly we became ‘parents’ once we adopted this little booger. I’m obsessed with her and freak out if we have to leave her for more than a few hours. Potty training was *knock on wood* a breeze and she has made no attempts to destroy furniture or beg for food.

Basically, we love her and she’s my furry daughter and if writing this crazy-ass post doesn’t prove that I’m a dog mom for life then I don’t know what does.


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