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San Antonio: Cocktails and Crafts


I’m back with the last of my pictures from my business trip to San Antonio! After Sea World and Mi Tierra, the third day of my conference had a lot to live up to. My apologies in advance for yet another photo-heavy post.

Like the day before, after our sessions were finished, everyone was dropped off by bus at the location for that night’s mixer. The Southwest School of Art was a beautiful location for our networking reception.

After a few hours of food, drinks and socializing a loud parade suddenly appeared in the courtyard.  

Pretend that these are videos of the awesome dancers and musicians. My Eye-Fi card decided to delete them so you’ll have to use your imagination. 

The musicians led us through the courtyards and gardens to our next activity, River Boat Tours!

Our guide narrated the sights and we enjoyed the (semi) cool evening temperatures.


After our Riverwalk tour, a group of us decided to continue our evening at a piano bar.

Weird directions and some overpriced bar covers later, we found ourselves exploring some tacky tourist shops.


In the name of full disclosure, I reluctantly release this god awful picture of myself into the interwebs.

The next day after the conference had ended, another girl (Hi Ashley!) and I found ourselves with some time to kill so we decided to explore the Alamo in the daylight.

Professional Tourist.

Don’t let the smile fool you, it was 100 degrees outside.


The Alamo itself was a little disappointing. It’s really small and is surrounded by tourist traps. Ripley’s Believe it or Not, anyone?

What is impressive, however, is the actual story behind the structure and the beautiful gardens in the interior of the walls.


After leaving the Alamo, we just had to stop at the aforementioned Ripley’s and say hi to some friends of my husband and his BFF Josh. wrestlers

That’s right, I called you dorks out in front of the millions fifteen people who read my blog. Busted. 

Afterwards, we walked along the river until we came to the little craft village known as La Villita. 

La Villita is a historic arts village in Downtown San Antonio. Cute shops with local art AND air conditioning? Don’t mind if I do.

We ended our afternoon with one last Mexican meal on the river before Ashley had to catch her plane.

Once we were back at the hotel, Ashley caught I cab to the airport and I found myself alone until my flight left the following morning.

Which translates into a date with the pool. . .


and my Kindle.

*bonus points if you can tell what book I’m reading

San Antonio, you are fun, but you sure are hot!

I really was impressed with this little city (which is actually not little and in fact the 7th largest city in the U.S.) and can’t wait to bring Jacob back for a vacation.

Have you ever been to San Antonio? Any place I missed that is a ‘must try’ next time?

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  • Alex June 23, 2011, 7:42 pm

    HAHAHA!! Lordy Lordy…. those boys are busted! Good thing they have each other to share their nerdiness.

    *Note to self: Must get a Kindle!*

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  • Steph June 27, 2011, 12:42 pm

    Are you reading a Game of Thrones book?! If so…I’m super jealous. If not…than just ignore my nerdiness :)

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    • Jessi June 28, 2011, 1:46 pm

      Yes! Don’t worry I’m a nerd too. So far it’s great. I’m almost done with the first book (they’re super long) and can’t wait to read the others.

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