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Wedded Bliss

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As I mentioned on Saturday, our friends Alex and Betsy got married this weekend. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was tons o’ fun.

Our college friends Randy and Kevin were in town for the weekend, so it was awesome to have (most of) the old gang back together. An hour or so before the wedding Jacob, Kyle, Randy, Kevin and I drove to Alex and Betsy’s house to catch the party bus they’d rented to take us to Terra Studios.

The party bus was definitely rocking. A CD titled Prom 2011 may have been involved.

Randy was a little too excited. Shame on you, Randy.wedding134

We made it to Terra with a little bit of time to explore. None of the guys had ever been there before, so we took a quick tour.wedding8 wedding14 wedding18

Then it was time to get our hitchin’ on.  

It had been a really hot day in the 90s, but right before the ceremony it clouded up and looked like a storm was moving in. Luckily, it turned out to be only a few raindrops and cooled everything down just in time for the main event.

Here comes the bride!

Betsy was glowing. She looked absolutely gorgeous.



The ceremony was short and sweet, the best kind.
Before we knew it they were Mr. and Mrs. Browning and it was time to partay.    

The reception was in the event center at Terra Studios. Betsy has really great taste, so I knew the decor would be fabulous.    

She did not disappoint.


After dinner, the newlyweds cut the cake.  

Then we quickly put away some of the main tables to make way for the dance floor. 

Alex’s nephew Will proceeded to school all of the guys with his dance moves.


My husband, ladies and gentleman.        


Ignore the sweaty mess that is my hair. It was HOT in that room and we danced, and danced and danced.

With the blushing bride

Yes, somehow I got roped into trying to catch the bouquet. And yes, apparently I make that face sometimes. Yikes.   

After many Michael Jackson songs, the garter toss and a few too many PBRs, we got back on the party bus to head back into town. 

We went downtown to Dickson Street after we got back and I fell asleep in a bar. Story of my life.

The happy couple is currently basking in the Hawaii sun (ugh, jealous) and we wish them lots and lots of happiness.

Congratulations Alex and Betsy!

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  • Alex June 15, 2011, 6:48 pm

    I’m now trying to justify getting my own Party Bus…that looks WAY too much fun!

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