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A Festive Fourth


After being quarantine to the house for the latter part of last week, I was more than ready for some fresh air. We made the three hour trek to the lake Friday evening and woke up early on Saturday ready to get out on the water.

How cute is Maddox’s swim outfit? It was his first time at the lake, and he did great.

2011-07-03_10-06-22_430 2011-07-02_12-57-55_271

He’s getting so big!



Lois did really good for her first time at the lake too. She loved being on the boat, and spent the majority of the time in this position.

2011-07-02_13-06-06_129 2011-07-02_13-06-33_85 

When we stopped to swim, we strapped her cute little life jacket on and tried to get her to jump in with us. She wasn’t too sure about making the leap, but eventually she jumped off the steps in the back of the boat and I was one proud mama.

I don’t have any pictures because I was in the water with her, but she got in, swam for a bit, then proceeded to scratch the hell out of everyone she swam by.

After we all had our fill of sun for the day, we came back to the lake house for dinner. I made everyone my friend Marlo’s top-secret Italian Beef recipe. I would share it, but she would kill me, so just trust me it’s awesome.


Sunday morning we took Maddox and Lois down to the swimming area.

World’s smallest cutest life jacket.


A close second.

2011-07-03_10-26-02_864 2011-07-03_10-27-57_576 2011-07-03_10-28-14_925


Did you notice Jacob’s patriotic bottoms? Just wanted to point those out  ;)  



Later that afternoon we left the lake and made our way to meet up with my family for a barbecue at my uncle’s house which included badminton, fried twinkies and lots and lots of sweating.

Seriously. I think it was 102 degrees on Sunday.


My dad (in the middle) with all of his siblings.2011-07-03_18-32-26_709

Family portrait. 2011-07-03_18-34-49_707

All that excitement led to a tired puppy when Monday morning rolled around.


We finished the holiday weekend with fireworks viewed from the comforts of our driveway.firework_2  

How was your Fourth of July?

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