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Babies and Branson

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Last weekend we took our annual trip to Branson, Missouri, with Jacob’s family. My self-proclaimed mission to actually take some pictures this time resulted in 50 photos of my nephew Maddox on my phone.


But he’s super cute, so it totally counts as documentation of the weekend.

So, here’s Branson from Maddox’s perspective:

What up ladies.  Branson1

My first trip to Branson was pretty awesome. The whole family came.


My Uncle Jacob even got a special award.


Remind Aunt Jessi to tell you the story of how one time Uncle Jacob broke a window while playing in the golf tournament and almost got arrested.


Us Leonard boys sure do know how to get into trouble.


Speaking of which, looky there, it’s my dad and Uncle Jacob. Branson2

I sure did like to lean on Uncle Jacob’s shoulder and look out at the pool



But apparently everyone else wanted to go outlet shopping. Branson3

Which is okay I guess… Branson4

I mean, I do look pretty cute in my stroller


AND Nene bought me a Mickey Mouse 


After we got back I hung out with Uncle Jacob a bit.Branson7

Yeah, we’re pretty cool.


On our way out of town we stopped and had brunch at some place called The College of the Ozarks. Apparently it’s a tradition or something. I celebrated by throwing up all over Aunt Jessi’s shirt.


But she didn’t mind because, you know, how adorable I am and all.Branson14

I can’t wait to go back next year! 


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