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Weekend Reunions


**I meant to post this on Tuesday, but we had to make an unexpected trip back to  Little Rock. Jacob’s grandmother passed away on Monday and we just got back last night. Granny was an amazing lady and her send-off was as beautiful as she was.***

But let’s back up.

Last Friday after work, I drove to Little Rock for dinner and drinks with some of my oldest and closest friends. I’ve known these girls since high school and we still get along (and act) like we’re 16 when we’re together.

Christine and Courtney (who refused to pose for pictures)

Michelle, yours truly and Christine. Two of my bridesmaids and dearest friends.

The next day Jacob and I experienced another blast from the past.

Two of our friends from high school got married, and many of the guests were people we hadn’t seen since high school 6 (and in Jacob’s case 7) years ago. Craziness.

The wedding was beautiful. The bride is a culinary student and the groom is a tattoo artist which meant lots of cool personal touches.

And y’all know I love me some milk glass and mason jars.


Love, love, loved their wedding and groom’s cakes.

The old gang. 

Old and married.

Cute and married.

Rubbing it in.  

Adorable first dance.

Sweetest Father/Daughter dance ever. Not a dry eye in the house.

It was really hot outside and, unfortunately, inside as well,  but that didn’t mean the dance floor wasn’t hoppin’.

Oh, and this happened. 


Love these guys.  

With the beautiful bride. 

With the happy groom.

Please disregard my appearance in, um, all of these pictures. 100 degree heat + hours of dancing = sweaty, nasty Jessi.

They clean up well. . .

. . .but this is how they really act.

We love each other.

Don’t worry, we love Anthony too.

Before I knew it, it was time to send the couple off on their honeymoon to Barcelona and France. Can you say jealous?

Alex taking a picture of me taking a picture. We’re so artsy.

After the wedding, we went back to my brother and  sister-in-law’s house to hang out with our friends Wes and Autumn (who we hadn’t seen since their wedding in March!).

The next morning we met Jacob’s parents and Aunt and Uncle, who were in town from Georgia, for brunch.

Obligatory nephew pictures.


After brunch I made a pit stop in Gurdon to see Jordan, Michael and baby Chase, but I didn’t snap any photos. You’ll have to take my word that he’s gotten even cuter than the last time I saw him.

Have you had any reunions with old friends lately?

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