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Young at heart


This weekend we celebrated the birthday of Ty, my sister’s boyfriend, like we were kids again.

No, seriously.

We spent Saturday night at Fast Lanes. It’s basically an expanded version of Chuck E Cheese. Minus the creepy animatronics. Plus beer.

ty_smurfs melissa_ty  

ty_fast lanes

We played kicked ass at laser tag, ate cheesy fries, spent way too much money on arcade games, bowled, and rode go-carts until the wee hours of the night.

Well, like 1 a.m. actually, but that’s late for this old spinster.

Oh, and someone may or not have snatched up the high score in the basketball game.ryan_basketball

(spoiler alert: it was Ty’s brother Ryan)

Want to know what kind of prizes $50 in games or roughly 236 tickets can get you?



Unfortunately, my phone died pretty early on, so these are the only pictures I have.

The next day, continuing with the ‘youthful entertainment’ theme, my sister, Ty and I drove two hours to the greatest amusement park in the world: Silver Dollar City. Picture an 1880’s themed park with roller coasters, bluegrass music, log rides, taffy, turkey legs and staff members dressed in bloomers.

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.


Gift shoppin’


We hit up our favorite rides and also decided to see the Silver Dollar Saloon show that somehow the three of us had never caught before.

Best decision ever.

saloon saloon2

Sweaty and soaked sistas after the river raft ride. jessi_melissa

We also saw a stunt dog show. SO awesome.  I freaked out the entire time. My life goal is now to teach Lois just one of the stunts these (rescue!!) dogs could do.



My sister and the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Ty!


End of pictures. Again with the phone dying. Storyofmyfreakinglife.

We ended up coming back early because poor Jacob and Lois were tired of playing sauna.

Did I mention our air conditioning went out on Saturday while we were at Fast Lanes and that Sunday it was 107 degrees outside? Serves me right for going on about my love of air conditioning last week.

Well, everything’s fixed now and despite the heat, the weekend was still a success.

Here’s to being (at least for a weekend) a kid again!

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