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All Hallows Eve Eve

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Just checking in with a quick update on what we’ve been up to in the last week. Full posts to come.

We had a costume party last night and it was a blast. Needless to say, we’re all feeling like this today.


In other news-told-through-phone-pictures, I painted my coffee table on a whim earlier this week.


After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a few weeks ago, we bought a juicer. I’ll have a full review later this week, but I’m completely hooked.


On Thursday I got to take the Arkansas Missouri passenger train through the Ozark Mountains from Springdale to Van Buren for work. This week was our ‘peak’ for fall foliage and the entire train ride was absolutely beautiful.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Halloween. We’re hosting a huge trick-or-treating event on the downtown square for work and I’m super excited.

Why yes, I am the crazy lady who carves a pumpkin to look like her dog. Why do you ask?


Anyone else have any exciting Halloween plans?

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