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Belated What I Love Wednesday


***I had this post all ready to go up yesterday- you know, Wednesday, and wouldn’t you know it the blog was down. I performed some emergency database surgery this morning and everything is back in tip-top shape (I hope) so here’s Wednesday’s post a day late***

That’s right. We’re playing this game again.

This week I’m loving our kickball team and world’s cutest mascot. Monday was the start of the season championships and unfortunately, we lost so our season is over. We had so much fun playing on this team and met some wonderful new friends along the way. The mascot? Our friends Alex and Betsy recently got a new Corgi puppy named Percy and he has been tagging along to our last few games. And yes, if possible, he’s even cuter in real life than in that photo. kickball_puppies I’m loving work and silly holidays. Monday was Bosses Day so we got my boss a cake, an ‘Oscar’ and had a pizza party.

bosses-day I’m loving everything about fall. Seriously, everything. We went to a haunted corn maze on Saturday and the six of us in our group scared ourselves so much that I was crying I was laughing so hard.

corn_maze I’m loving the process of making our Halloween costumes. I’m spending every spare second at my sewing machine and I can’t wait to share more about them.costumes I’m loving that it’s craft fair season in Northwest Arkansas. This week I went to the War Eagle craft fair with my sister and her boyfriend’s mom. It was so much bigger than the Clothesline Fair last month and we were lucky enough to go on such a beautiful fall day.craft_fairs

Bonus shots of the week that didn’t make the cut:



Anyone else particularly enjoying this fine autumn Wednesday  Thursday?

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