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12 Days of Christmas: O Christmas Tree

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Okay, so technically it’s Day 8, but it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to change the rules up a little bit. So, because I turned 25 today, because I love Christmas so much and because I have that many pictures of my tree, I’m breaking this post up into two.

As I mentioned before, Jacob and I have a tradition of picking out our Christmas tree on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Last year we had to wait until we closed on our house so we didn’t get a tree until the middle of December and the selection was lacking at that point. It was either a wimpy 7 foot tree or a giant 10 foot beauty. So with a collective, “What the hell” we chose the latter not even knowing if it would fit in our living room. Luckily it did and now we’ve started a new tradition of getting the biggest damn tree that can fit in our house.

This year’s 11 foot tree is even bigger than last year and had to be tied to the top of my car.


It was so tall that we had to cut about six inches off the top just to get the star on. And it may have taken three tries to get it secured in the stand without being crooked.


Totally worth it.


The colors of our tree are mostly red and gold. I like to use different colors of ribbon or mesh each year and this year I went with red and green on the tree and mantle.

tree2 tree3 tree5

It might be hard to tell in pictures, but this baby is massive.

tree6 tree16 tree18

I’ll be back later today to share some of my favorite ornaments.


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