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12 Days of Christmas: Silver Dollar City



Welcome to the first of 12 days of Christmas posts from yours truly. Our first post is brought to you by Branson, Missouri. We go to Branson every July with Jacob’s family (see this year  and two years ago) but had never been during the holidays. Silver Dollar City, only my favorite theme parks in the world (okay, second to Disney World), goes all out for Christmas and last weekend we finally made the trip to see the festivities.

Unfortunately, it poured the entire time we were at the park. We bought some ponchos and made the best of it, but I definitely want to go back again someday when the weather is nicer. Even so, the lights and decorations were beautiful and worth sharing.







The train becomes a sing-along carol train at Christmastime.


For some silly reason I wore my Toms to walk around in the rain all day and needless to say, they were soaked pretty early on. We stopped at the general store and some point and I found some crocs for $30. I never in my life thought I would buy a pair of these ugly rubber shoes, but they were dry and comfortable so I bought a pair and wrapped my feet in the plastic bags that our ponchos came in. Classy.

Arguably the best $30 I have ever spent.





Our crew outfitted for the monsoon.

Story time with Santa.


Every evening they have a tree lighting ceremony with a 5 story musical tree. I took a video on my phone and I’ll try to upload it, but here’s some shots to give you an idea.


We left after the tree lighting because it was, you guessed it, pouring but it was still a great (albeit wet)  day.

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