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Recent Reads: The Lake of Dreams



I’ve read some really good books lately and have completely forgotten to mention them. So let’s fix that, shall we?

The most recent book I finished was Kim Edwards’ The Lake of Dreams. If you read Edwards’ popular first book, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, you might be familiar with her descriptive style.

I read this book over three days during the Thanksgiving break and it was the perfect kick-off to winter. The book takes place mostly in the Finger Lakes region of New York and weaves art, travel, history and politics into quite the interesting narrative.

The story’s main character is Lucy, a successful woman in her late twenties who has traveled the world for her career and love, but is restless in her current position. She ends up visiting her hometown, The Lake of Dreams, and discovers that things have changed dramatically in the years she’s been away. While there, Lucy uncovers a hidden part of her family’s heritage that becomes the climax of the story. Edwards throws in some family drama and the rekindling of an old flame to spice up the plot, but the best parts of the book are the descriptions of the region and the stained glass art that become an important part of Lucy’s discoveries.  Describing art is very difficult, but Edwards does a great job with the details. She makes it easy to picture every piece in your head, as if you were standing there with the main characters.

  Even if you aren’t intrigued by the art or travel descriptions, there’s a really great historical subplot about feminism and women’s suffrage politics (nerd alert).

My only complaints with the book are that it was a tad long and there were so many family members involved that at times I got lost, but that happens with lots of good books. Game of Thrones, anyone?

Overall? I really liked it. Would definitely recommend.

*Disclosure: This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

What should I read next? Read any great books lately?

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